Advantages of Glass Balcony;

1 -Scene is also without any loss can have a panoramic view.
2 - Balcony to take advantage of the 4 seasons throughout the year.
3 - Collected from the left or right windows can be opened in both directions. 
4 - As a balcony and all kinds of impressive architecture, applied to the desired size. 
5 - Heat and sound insulation. 
6 - Rain, snow, wind, such as protection from external factors. 
7 - Switched on and off any number of different levels. 
8 - Use of closure systems, according to the balcony too dahakolay and practical.
9 - Cleaning and maintenance easy and practical. 
10 - The system according to a height of 8 or 10 mm consist of tempered or laminated glass.
11 - Tempered glass is flexible and durable. 
12 - Shock resistant tempered or laminated glass is used. In this way, the maximum protection against theft incidents. 
13 - The effects of glass breakage little unusual situation, and organisms were dissected and does not harm the environment. 
14 - Suitable for Reconstruction Legislation.
15 - Viewed from the outside would not be a change in the structure of the building. 
16 - Kat does not give owners a legal problem. 
17 -Increases the value of your property.

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